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Mission Statement "More than just Light Bulbs" 

LED Intro is a LED Lighting Distributor for all your needs. we strive to supply our customers with the best of products to help them achieve their goals! We are LED-focused, in terms of illuminating our customer's worlds. This focus is on being environmentally friendly, saving our customers money, creating efficiencies, and allowing for design magnificence! As an individual, architect, builder, or contractor, we have your needs covered in terms of residential or commercial lighting and grow lights, EV chargers, electric generators, etc.


About Us


Our team has been a pioneer in the development of LED Luminaires and UV LED technology. We’ve been committed to bringing our clients the best in UV LED products, which is why we’ve earned the trust of many clients over the years. Building from our experience in the industry, we took our knowledge a step further and established LED INTRO.

LED INTRO combines the knowledge of UV light and LED technology expertise to develop products and application services. At LED INTRO we strive to provide our users with a clean environment where they can enjoy a long and healthy life. 

Why should you partner with LED INTRO? We are a Lighting Distributor that is passionate about innovation and problem-solving. LED INTRO consists of highly skilled experts in electrical, optical, and mechanical engineering who strive to provide superb quality assurance and customer service. Our dedicated staff works directly with you to ensure you get a proper solution, whether off-the-shelf or custom-made, that is right for you.

In today’s tumultuous industry where product developers are struggling to keep up, and many entrants come and go, LED INTRO is facing every challenge head-on. We continue to deliver products and solutions that not only solve problems, but are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, and can be introduced to the market quickly and cost-effectively.

The Problems We Solve

LED INTRO offers an extensive portfolio of off-the-shelf products; however, the real benefit lies in our ability to develop customized solutions that meet specific requirements.

Off-The-Shelf Products-As a leading global UV LED technology solutions provider, LED INTRO offers various types of bare dies, packages, modules, and finished products. By selecting from our off-the-shelf products, our customers significantly reduce development time, and save money.



At LED INTRO we vow to provide our customers with high-quality LED products and Accessories, exceptional customer service, and world-class technical support. We understand that much of our work is a solution for our client’s end-users, which is why we aim to have consistency, and we stand by our products. When you partner with LED INTRO you can be confident that we will work through any issues to generate a resolution should there be any issues.

Our Quality


LED INTRO delivers the highest quality products you’ll find on the market, as well as excellent services to our customers. Our team uses the latest tools and technology to ensure all of our products are designed and manufactured to meet not only our stringent requirements for durability, reliability, and cost-efficiency but also the expectations of our clients.

To ensure this liability is understood, implemented, and maintained, all of our employees are familiar with our policy and understand their requirements within the Quality System through training and access to our Quality Manual.

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